How to design the perfect zero edge pool

Zero edge pools, commonly known as infinity pools, have been the trend in the leisure sector for decades.

This type of aquatic facility became a synonym of exclusivity since the infinity pool of  Diamonds are forever,  the seventh film of James Bond. They were once the reserve of the elites. Scroll the social media profiles of the rich and famous and an image of them relaxing in a seemingly unending expanse of water is bound to come up.

In this way, many associate zero edge pools with quality of life and well-being. And, indeed, they have become a major tourist attraction, helping business to enhance their brand image, exclusivity and attention to detail.

What is a zero edge pool?

The zero edge pool is for relaxation and pleasure. Typically, an infinity pool design will merge the body of water with the horizon. This is done by allowing the water to spill over the edge into a collection trough that filters and recycles the water. The impression, when done right, is of a pool of water that continues into the sky. It can transform the swimmer away from themselves and make them feel like they are floating in space.

One thing to be aware of, though, is that these kinds of pools work best in places with a dramatic view. Zero edge pools can complement the wide horizon of a spectacular mountain or sea vista fantastically well, creating an immersive experience for users.

How to install a zero edge pool?

Infinity pools are a specific type of aquatic facility with the following features and requirements:

  • Water temperature¬†may differ depending on the environment. Thus, a specific study for each project is needed to determine it.
  • The infinity pool should ideally have a¬†depth¬†of 1.2 to 1.6 metres. A greater depth would not allow the user to enjoy the view.
  • Recirculation of water. It depends on the use being made of the zero edge pool. In general, following the British regulations and water treatments, for a depth of 1.2 to 1.6 metres, the water will take¬†2 hours to recirculate.
  • Regarding the water treatment, again, depending on how the swimmer intends to use their pool, we can install different water treatment systems. A traditional¬†water treatment system¬†will work perfectly with our recommended pool depth, but we can¬†accommodate¬†different configurations.
  • The¬†construction system¬†will generally be either¬†concrete, stainless steel¬†or a system of panels and combined with acrylic windows.
  • On the subject of¬†regulations, it becomes essential to do a custom design for each project that complies with the regulations currently in force.

Why should you install a zero edge pool?

A well-designed zero edge pool that complements the landscape and the property is a sure way to increase attractiveness and adds value to any leisure or tourist place.

It is a facility that enables users to live a sensorial experience by enjoying the breathtaking views while relaxing in the water. Hence, this type of pool is usually related with certain sensations, such as well-being, relaxation, calm and the appreciation of the landscape beauty. Moreover, it is also associated with exclusive spaces, given that some of the most popular are located in exclusive hotels and resorts.

Therefore, infinity pools do not only carry benefits for users, but they also add long term value to any property where they are installed, making it easier to differentiate from the competition and increasing the market value. In addition, they provide a source of competitive advantage; meaning that they make the difference for any location by enhancing its uniqueness and strength and increasing the value perceived by customers and potential investors.

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