Choosing the correct specification for a 25-meter pool

A 25-meter pool can be one of two types: a semi-Olympic pool or a 25-meter lap pool.

Semi-Olympic pools , also known as short course pools, are half the length of Olympic pools. They comply with FINA’s minimum dimensions and requirements for the 25-meter pool for competition use.

A 25-meter lap pool is specifically designed for sports and leisure activities that focus on training and physical activity in sports clubs, municipal pools, wellness spaces, and hotels or resorts. They usually host activities such as individual free swimming, collective swimming lessons, physical rehabilitation sessions, and muscle training sessions.

Here, we discuss the differences, care, and construction of the two types.

Semi-Olympic vs. 25-meter lap pools

Although the same length, there are key features that dictate whether a pool is semi-Olympic or a lap pool for workout facilities. A semi-Olympic pool must:

  • Have allowable tolerance of +0.010, -0.000 meters of the total 25-meter length when panels are installed.
  • Have vertical, parallel end walls that form right 90-degree angles with the swimming lane and with the surface of the water. They must be constructed of solid material, with a non-slip surface extending 0.8 meters below the surface of the water, so the competitor can touch and push off without danger when turning.
  • For a pool with starting blocks, a minimum depth of 1.35 meters is required, extending from 1 meter to at least 6 meters from the end wall. A minimum depth of 1 meter is required elsewhere.
  • For permanent swimming pools, lanes from 1 to 8 should be 2.5 meters wide . Lanes 0 and 9 should be 2.4 meters wide with two spaces 0.1 meters wide on the outside. There must be a lane rope separating these spaces from lanes 0 and 9 for World Championships. These distances must be respected to reduce or mitigate the ripple effect on the swimmer.

Note : The United States doesn’t use the metric system and, therefore, they have an additional regulated distance of 25 yard pools for some college and high school swimming competitions. Meters and yards may seem like similar lengths, but 25-meter pools are slightly longer than 25-yard pools (which measures 22.86 meters).

In contrast, the specifications for a 25-meter pool for sports clubs or hospitality complexes are subject to less stringent regulations. As they are not intended to host official competitions, these pools don’t need to comply with FINA Facility Rules , although there are some considerations and recommendations to take into account.

These 25-meter pools are rectangular in shape , with a width commonly varying between 12.5 meters and 16.5 meters. The depth recommendation for occasional or amateur swimmers is 1.4 meters; for professionals, the depth recommendation is at least 1.8 meters. Such facilities sometimes include elements and accessories such as starting blocks or podiums with anti-slip surfaces, lane lines, signs for practicing backstroke swimming, etc.

Construction systems

Whether you are building a lap pool in a sports club or hotel, or a semi-Olympic pool for a competition event, there’s no more efficient construction system than Astralpool’s Skypool technologySkypool is Astralpool’s prefabricated panel technology that can be adapted to any configuration easily, quickly, and safely with precision guaranteed. For competition events, this system perfectly complies with FINA regulations.

The prefabricated galvanised steel or inox panels are covered with a PVC-P liner and finished with ceramic tiles, which offer excellent protection from corrosion. The prefabricated components and simple assembly system also substantially cut installation times and costs. For facilities that don’t require FINA certification for competitions, there are other construction systems that also deliver accuracy and reliability.

The Laghetto Bluespring modular structure, allows the construction of elegant and personalized swimming pools with eye-catching geometry. Its perimeter, double-wall, self-supporting structure, which includes an overflow channel and a compensation tank, doesn’t require a retaining wall or earth fillings. Masonry work is thus reduced to a minimum.

A further alternative is the Inox Pool . Made from stainless steel , this pool consists of a light and sustainable structure. It adapts elegantly, simply, and hygienically to each space, making it the perfect solution for wellness spaces or boutique hotels.

Water treatment and care

To maintain your 25-meter pool, we recommend a UV water treatment system or a salt chlorinator . Both ensure the presence of chlorine-related subproducts in water is at a minimum, which increases user well-being by reducing eye itching and potential mucous irritation.

In the case of semi-Olympic pools for competition events, one rule to consider is that water must contain less than 3 grams/litre of salt , in line with FINA Facility Rules.

Some solutions developed by Fluidra are ideal for these specifications:


In order to ensure the health and comfort of its users, Neolysis is an ideal choice as one of the most sustainable technologies in the market.

Neolysis corrects pH levels by injecting CO2 through the same reactor, thus reducing water consumption. This solution uses CO2 to treat the water, instead of acid. This reduces the number of harmful compounds derived from mixing with organic substances while decreasing the incidence of respiratory issues, ocular and nasal complications, or itchy eyes.

The process is also more environmentally friendly as it reduces emissions without affecting water quality. This process not only avoids using chemical chlorine but also significantly reduces the concentration of chloramines due to ultraviolet radiation.


For temporary pools in competition events, we recommend Nefrona . This water treatment solution is a compact and transportable plug-and-play solution developed by Astralpool, specially designed for temporary events.

Nefrona includes disinfection, filtration, and recirculation pumps in a single monobloc, providing excellent water quality. This filtering unit is mounted on a hot-dipped galvanised steel bed plate to prevent corrosion. All models can be supplied with heating and microfiltration using diatomaceous earth.

Get a 25-meter pool that’s fit for purpose

There are many swimming pool sizes and configurations that may or may not comply with FINA standards and regulations. If sports clubs and competition venues want to be assured of some sort of compliance, a 25-meter pool is a good solution.

To ensure the right spec and care solutions, especially for competition pools, look no further than Astralpool and Fluidra. With these solutions and products, you can ensure your facility is up to standard.

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